Contribution Guidelines

Please submit clarifications and improvements to the documentation! If it’s just a small fix, open a pull request. If it’s something major, please file an issue for discussion first.

Whilst this page focuses on the contributing guidelines for the Flynt documentation in particular, please also take a moment to read through the full Flynt contributing guidelines and code of conduct.

Titles and Headers

All page titles and headers are written in “Title Case”.

The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog and Demonstrates Title Case to the Reader.

Use American English

Use the standard American English spelling rules.

Avoid the First Person (“I” and “We”)

Where possible, do not use “I”, or “we”. This tends to lead to more concise, clearer phrasing.

Explain Abbreviations

If it is necessary to use an abbreviation, write out the full text the first time that it is used. After this, the abbreviation can be used on its own.

For example: Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) is a plugin for Wordpress. ACF can be used to...

Avoid Contractions

Do not write “it’s”, “they’ve”. Write “it is”, “they have”.

Test All Code Snippets

Please make sure all code snippets are tested and will definitely work.