What is Flynt?


Flynt is a component based WordPress framework for development teams and their clients.

Developing websites can be a repetitive process. Flynt is a sustainable approach to website development and content management. Its component-based philosophy resides in 3 core principles:

  • Singularity: Components are maintainable solutions to specific problems.
  • Reusability: Components are reusable within and across projects.
  • Predictability: The scope effects of changing component code or content can easily be foreseen.


The Flynt Framework consists of a collection of tools:

Resources / Next Steps

  1. Get started by setting up Flynt on your system.
  2. For a guided overview on the Flynt philosophy, watch the “Higher State of Componentness” screencast.
  3. Github is the best place to ask (and answer!) technical questions.