Creating Features

To create Flynt Features quickly and easily, we recommend using the Flynt Yeoman Generator.

Add functions.php

This is the only file a feature requires. The only additional requirement is to add the Flynt\Features\<YourFeatureName> namespace:


namespace Flynt\Features\ExampleFeature;

// Add feature functionality here!

Add a

Features should be easy to reuse and easy to understand. We strongly recommend adding a readme file for each feature you create. Include a short description of what the feature can do, and how to configure any options available.

Add Styles, Scripts, and Templates

Features support the addition of styles, scripts, and templates. All file types supported within components (Stylus, CSS, JS, Twig, and PHP files) will also be compiled and built in exactly the same way for features.

Add ACF Fields

Sometimes, a feature may need to add ACF fields to allow the user to configure the options from the back end. Again, this works exactly as with components. Add a fields.json file to the feature, and then configure the ACF fields:

  "globalOptions": [
      "name": "googleMapsApiKey",
      "label": "Google Maps Api Key",
      "type": "text",
      "maxlength": 100,
      "required": 1

You can read more on authoring ACF Fields here.